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Company#1 Underwater Specialty Trade Contractor in the Upper Peninsula, commercial diving and marine services, underwater welding and burning

Internationally Recognized Marine Insurers Legal Opinion on SCUBA Click on the Logo above. The Divers Association, Definition vs. interpretation, specialty trade contractors

Servant Leader Mentality

 The Divers Association, Definition vs. interpretation, specialty trade contractors


Bio;Gerard "Grey-wolf" Babin USMC-DAV

aka; The Guardian (Always first in Always last out)

Professional Working Diver/ Owner

30+ Years of Professional Industry Service

Born 8 July 1966 the Son of an Acadian born Father and Mexican American mother, & served two tours in the United States Marine Corps before returning home to the Coastal landscape that was pre Hurricane Katrina Louisiana. The love of South Louisiana summer lifestyle included fishing and shrimping inland and on the Gulf of Mexico; Crab,Shrimp and Crawfish Boils, Fish Fry's and Country Music performances; he returned to the diving industry as a dive tender to improve and formally train under Veteran Commercial Divers and  at Avondale Shipyard in Louisiana as a Ship Builder & Welder - he has never looked back. The Divers Association, Definition vs. interpretation, specialty trade contractors

Self Certified

"Treat your men as they were your own blood son's, Lead as a father , a brother; and they will follow you,  even thru hell itself into battle...

​                                   -Sun Tzu

 The Divers Association, Definition vs. interpretation, specialty trade contractors

6-man Dive Teams as defined by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, professional diving services, military training​​​ The Divers Association, Definition vs. interpretation, specialty trade contractors

WHO WE ARE NOT (Follow the hyperlinks attached to the underlined text for valid information)

Mil-Vet Pro Divers   is NOT a  "Mom & Pop" SCUBA Company we do not fill bottles or service recreational diving equipment, offer dive charters or train recreational divers . Our team is bound by our oaths as former servicemen to honor and respect the rules, traditions and heritage of our craft.  We follow the letter of the law and accepted not interpreted practices. US Navy Dive tables have historically allowed clients to receive the safest maximum effective working time per diver, utilizing industry required Surface Supplied Air systems; theoretically a SSA Diver could remain at 20 FSW indefinitely - a trapped ssa diver in many cases would continue to receive air from the surface until recovered, PADI (recreational) tables take into consideration the constant need to change out bottles extremely reducing a bottle supplied divers effective  productivity and safety at greater cost & risk to the consumer should they attempt to save money using unapproved dive services.

​M.V.P.D. Divers  will never utilize unproven methods or non industry approved practices or equipment, thus eliminating unnecessary risk to life and property.

Many civilian diving contractors cut manpower & equipment to increase profit.  M.V.P.D. provides manning to required industry & military standards, provides industry recognized equipment, practices the highest safety standards and maintains recognized insurance coverage per job.  We willingly reduce our profit margin to guarantee diver's safety and to protect our clients’ interests & property.. 

We pride ourselves in keeping U.S. Veterans employed while continuing to serve our client’s budgets and needs affordably and safely whereever we deploy.

We owe our clients the same respect and transparency we as consumers demand of all businesses and our government, we will never give less than expected. 

"What does it profit a man that for a coin his brothers life is sacrificed?"

24 / 7 WE ARE HERE



​Emergency & Weekends



 The Divers Association, Definition vs. interpretation, specialty trade contractors

​​WHO WE ARE   (Follow the hyperlinks attached to the underlined bold text for valid & current information)

Mil-Vet Pro Divers  is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, located in the township of Cedar River on the outskirts of Stephenson, Michigan in Menominee County with an additional operations office located in Crivitz, Wisconsin in Marinette County. We are seeking private, municipal, state & federal clients that require professional underwater services in any industry that utilize water as a source for community health & hygiene, service or transportation. 

​We are  a "Band of Brothers" consisting of former active & reserve duty military veterans from every branch of service.  Many of our team members have served the USCG, USN, USACE, State and Local Governments on underwater projects nationwide and abroad as US Service members.

We are highly skilled qualified Professional Divers. Our "Talent Pool" contains Structural Steel & Pipefitters & welders- ship builders & iron workers, salvage & repair experts, construction & demolition experts, clearing experts, carpenters, operators (Crane & Vessel), masons, Medical Staff and more. If it involves topside or in-water collaboration we have done it.  From Drinking water towers & clear wells to construction & services on our nation's  Naval Fleet and harbors and our country's oil fields. We have been and are there still serving our country's most valuable and prized assets and it's people.

Mil-Vet Pro Divers operates under and adheres to a strict safety standard set by U.S. Military Underwater Teams (Taxpayer Funded Underwater Research) because it works and our divers surface with minimal risk and zero injury.

 Military Training Reference Guide

The US NAVY Diving Manual (current Revision 7) & OSHA Code of Federal Regulations (29 CFR 1910 & 1915.6) describes a minimal standard recommendation of 6 men never less: 

{The only noted & acceptable adjustment to this minimal roster would allow the "Non-Diving Supervisor " to act as the LSO (Rack /Video Operator.}

Standard Dive Team (Defined)

1 NON Diving Supervisor - referred to as the Deck Safety Officer or Diving Officer (DSO)-Dive Team Company Representative

1 Trained Rack Operator - referred to as the Life Support Operations Officer (LSO) - Fixed Station Controls Diver Air System and video feed records all critical information.

2 Trained Divers - 1 Primary & 1 Standby - One diver to perform the task the second for emergency retrieval if an incident warrants.

2 Trained Tenders - 1 Primary & 1 Standby- Each active diver must be surface tended by a separate tender.

This is a training standard that is used and required in all civilian diving schools & on every U.S. Water involved project in the United States by law.

M.V.P.D. divers believe in "Service above Oneself"  and are the most safety conscious with respect to the risk they accept with each dive.. Yet the most affordable team you can hire.  We maintain the highest professional standards to include guaranteeing our clients rapid response, quality service and a safely executed project.
Our rates cover insurance, required equipment, required manning per team and all project documentation required.
Demand only the best!  Do you require a site safety evaluation report from your bidders and proof of commercially credentialed dive team members?  If not, you could leave your organization open to expensive liability and/or risk. 
It cannot be done-Legally, Ethically or Professionally with any less than 5 men that are Commercial Diver Certified, this  been proven by
"The Divers Association"members and Dive teams world wide.​