SIC Codes


73899910, Divers, commercial


16290100, Dams, waterways, docks, & other                     marine construction

17819902, Servicing, water wells

17999907, Dewatering (CofferDams, Wells,                       Tanks)

17999932, Welding on site

44990101, Inspection and testing services

44990401, Pipeline and power line inspection                    service 

​underwater contractors, Underwater Specialty Trades  & Underwater Salvage, Underwater Welding and Burning, marine salvage, Specialty Trade Contractors 

PSC Codes: underwater contractors,Underwater Specialty Trades  & Underwater Salvage,Underwater Welding and Burning, marine salvage, Specialty Trade Contractors​

​​​F112 Environmental Systems Protection- Oil Spill Response

F113 Environmental Systems Protection Wetlands Conservation and Support

H319 Inspection- Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, and Floating Docks

J019 Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment- Ships, Small Craft,            Pontoons, and Floating Docks 

K019 Modification of Equipment- Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, and Floating              Docks

N019 Installation of Equipment- Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, and Floating                Docks 

P300 Salvage- Marine Vessels

R429 Support- Professional: Emergency Response, Disaster Planning, and               Preparedness Support 
Z1ED Maintenance of Ship Construction and Repair Facilities 
Z2KA Repair or Alteration of Dams 
Z2KB Repair or Alteration of Canals
Z2MD Repair or Alteration of EPG Facilities - Hydro​
Z2NE Repair or Alteration of Water Supply Facilities 

Mil-Vet Professional  Divers use surveys, interviews and observation to conduct a comprehensive service audit. All projects are evaluated using a 4 point cost plan to provide  a realistic operational estimate to our clients.

1. Site Conditions & Safe Access / Egress

2. Scope & EVM 

3. Personnel Requirements / Client                         Accommodations

4. Availability of Consumables

Marine Salvage, Specialty Trade Contractors,  underwater contractors, Underwater Specialty Trades  & Underwater Salvage, Underwater Welding and Burning 



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underwater contractors, Underwater Specialty Trades  & Underwater Salvage, Underwater Welding and Burning , marine salvage, Specialty Trade Contractors

Codes We Support As Divers

237110, Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures 
 237990, Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction (Support for this activity)
238990, All Other Specialty Trade Contractors, (Divers, U W Fit / Weld / Burn / Repair & services, boat lifts)
336611-Ship Building and Repairing Barge building

488330, Navigational Services to Shipping
488390​, Other Support Activities for Water ​
541620, Environmental Consulting Services
541990, All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (Diving Support)
541922, Underwater/ Photography
561990, All Other Support Services (Diving Welding, Fabrication & Inspection Services)

We identify and access any and all possible risk prior to contract writing or water entry. 

Mil-Vet Pro Divers utilizes underwater video ROV to document and identify all possible "unknowns" that must be dealt with as part of the service contract. We plan first the required and necessary work and then work the accepted plan once approved. marine salvage, Specialty Trade Contractors underwater contractors, Underwater Specialty Trades  & Underwater Salvage, Underwater Welding and Burning 



Once on site, we deliver exactly as promised with military precision. Our competitors cannot begin to come close. No change of scope occurs without client approval & authorization. marine salvage, Specialty Trade Contractors,  underwater contractors, Underwater Specialty Trades  & Underwater Salvage, Underwater Welding and Burning 


Company#1 Underwater Specialty Trade Contractor in the Upper Peninsula, commercial diving and marine services, underwater welding and burning

Underwater Specialty Trade Contractors


Underwater Salvage

Based in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, in the Township of Cedar River - Stephenson, MI; we are proud to now be listed as Service Providers (Underwater Contractors, Marine Salvage, & Specialty Trade Contractors) for 25 of our Nation's "Top 100 Government Vendors" to include Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics & Flour . These same services are also available to the general public, private business, local, state and Federal agencies for the same affordable cost.    

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marine salvage
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Mil-Vet Professional  Divers documents and maintains detailed and accurate site reports for each client and each project we perform for that client. These documents are in both written and video formats, providing a sustainable record for any possible audit or inspection.

This is extremely valuable to our clients who provide services to Government agencies and International Clients or parent agencies.underwater contractors, marine salvage, Specialty Trade Contractors,underwater specialty trades  & underwater salvage,Underwater Welding and Burning